LA212PRB | S1 2023/24 Creative Writing for Primary Teachers

1.       Course Description


“If you are writing without zest, without gusto, without love, without fun, you are only half a writer.  This first thing a writer should be is- excited. Don’t use anything as an excuse.”      Bradbury (1990)


The course is designed to prepare the student-teacher to understand and apply a variety of fiction and non-fiction techniques to capture the myriad of stories that rise from their everyday life and imagination. The course will focus on helping student-teachers to write with clarity and purpose to produce short stories scenes and poems that include the use of imagery, characterisation, and elements o

2.       Rationale[RBG1] 

Creative writing plays a crucial role in children’s language and literacy development. Student-teachers must therefore be equipped to understand and deliver the content of  creative writing as articulated in the NSC Language Arts curriculum, and be able to excite their students to become excellent thinkers and writers f plot development, poetic forms and poetic devices to unleash their creative sides by expressing themselves freely in writing. Additionally, they will develop their craft of writing creatively by  exercising their imagination through participation in individual and collective activities which offer the opportunity to explore writing styles.